First LIFE SIDE workshop: Allocation of free allowances in the EU ETS

The first workshop organised by LIFE SIDE will take place on Friday, 2 December in Florence. Organised in collaboration with DG Climate Action of the European Commission, the workshop will bring together academics, policymakers, representatives of industries and NGOs to discuss the topic of allocation of free allowances in the EU ETS.
This is the first in a series of four workshops which the project will organise as part of the action called ”Economic Assessment of the EU ETS”.

The assessment will cover the following four areas:

  • Allocation of free allowances in the EU ETS
  • Impact of the EU ETS on investment and innovation
  • Interaction between energy policies and the EU ETS
  • International dimension.

For each area a workshop is organised to discuss the topic and identify the key issues which will inform the assessment.

The December workshop will include two main sessions: the first one will examine how the system of allowances allocation has worked in the past years, while the second session will look at how this can be improved for future phases.