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The EU ETS and its interactions with other climate and energy policies (July 2017)
Low carbon investment and innovation in the EU ETS (July 2017)
Free allowance allocation in the EU ETS (March 2017)


Speakers’ interviews – fourth workshop on Carbon Market (25 September 2017)
Speakers’ interviews – third workshop on EU ETS and its interaction with other climate and energy policies (4 April 2017)
Speakers’ interviews – second workshop on Low carbon investment and innovation in the EU ETS (3 April 2017)
Speakers’ interviews – first workshop on Allocations of free allowances in the EU ETS (December 2016)

Dissemination materials

LIFE SIDE leaflet (January 2017)
LIFE SIDE Notice Board (December 2016)


Free allowances allocation in the EU ETS empirical evidence, Claudio Marcantonini, Stefano Verde, Jordi Teixido-Figueras, FSR Climate, EUI
On measuring carbon leakage risk and some implications for free allocation, Ulrich Wagner, University of Mannheim
Allocation of free allowances in the EU ETS to address the risk of carbon leakage, Kurt Van Dender, OECD
The future of free allocation beyond 2020, Christian Egenhofer, CEPS
EU ETS, climate action and competitiveness, William Garcia, CEFIC
The future of free allocation, Femke de Jong, Carbon Market Watch
Lessons learned from EU ETS implementation, Stefano Verde, FSR Climate, EUI
Driving low carbon innovation in the EU ETS: Empirical evidence, Antoine Dechezleprêtre, LSE
Carbon leakage protection ‐ lessons learned for a sustainable policy design post Paris, Karsten Neuhoff, DIW
Driving low carbon investment and innovation in the EU ETS, Kurt van Dender, OECD
The European chemical industry, William Garcia, CEFIC
Driving Low Carbon Investment and Innovation in the EU ETS, Ignacio A. Sánchez-García, Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment
How to drive low-carbon innovation in Europe?, Tomas Wyns, VUB
Driving low carbon investment and innovation in the EU ETS
Koen Noyens, Eurelectric
Perspectives from the paper industry, Nicola Rega, CEPI
Maximising auctioning revenues from the EU emissions trading system, Sam Van Den Plas, WWF
EU ETS and its Interactions with other Climate and Energy Policies, Xavier Labandeira, FSR Climate, EUI
EU ETS and its interactions with climate and energy policies, MCC Berlin
EU ETS and its interactions with climate and energy policies: global perspectives, Julia Michalak,IETA
EU ETS and its interactions with other climate and energy policies, Magdalena García Mora, Acciona Energía
A perspective from public authority, Cécile Goubet, French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea
Sidelined or in the driver’s seat? ETS interaction with other policies, Hæge Fjellheim, Thomson Reuters
Do mature RES-E technologies still need dedicated support towards 2030 or will ETS-only be sufficient? Mario Ragwitz, Fraunhofer ISI
Clean Energy Package 2016 – Facing policy interaction with the ETS, Daniele Agostini, ENEL
Emissions trading in the post-Paris world. An evidence-based and holistic assessment, Felix Matthes, Research Coordinator Energy & Climate Policy, Oeko-Institute
California’s Cap-and-Trade Program, Mary Nichols,Chair, California Air Resources Board
Carbon pollution pricing in Canada, Kate Rich, Director, Carbon Pricing Bureau, Environment and Climate Change Canada
China’s National Emissions Trading System: Design Features and Current Status, Maosheng Duan, Director, China Carbon Market Center, Tsinghua University
The European carbon market: state of play and future perspectives, Jos Delbeke, Director General, DG Climate Action, European Commission
Update of the review of New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS), Kay Harrison, Lead Negotiator, International Carbon Markets, Ministry for the Environment
Emissions trading in a wider climate and energy policy framework, Christina Hood, Head of Unit, Environment and Climate Change, International Energy Agency
Linked-in Emissions Trading Systems: an academic viewpoint, Simone Borghesi, Director, FSR Climate, EUI
Civil society views and engagement in emissions trading, Femke de Jong, EU Policy Director, Carbon Market Watch
EU climate policy and the EU ETS, Simone Borghesi, FSR Climate,EUI
The EU ETS post-2020, Stefanie Hiesinger, DG Climate Action, European Commission
Free allowance allocation, competitiveness effects and carbon leakage, Stefano Verde, FSR Climate, EUI
Trading behavior in the EU ETS, Regina Betz, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Interactions with other climate policies, Isabella Alloisio, FSR Climate, EUI
Low-carbon innovation and investment, Francesco Nicolli, FSR Climate, EUI
The international dimension, Tong Zhu, FSR Climate, EUI
Price drivers, market power and behaviour, Beat Hintermann, University of Basel
Equity and solidarity in the EU Emissions Trading System: Any lessons for international climate governance?, Simone Borghesi
Equity and solidarity in the context of the Paris Agreement, Carlo Carraro
EU ETS Key of EU Climate Policy, Peter Vis
How to address the equity issue of climate policy: Some lesions from EU ?, Xiliang Zhang
Il sistema di Emission Trading Europeo (EU ETS): implicazioni settoriali, territoriali e di equità. Presentazione del progetto LIFE SIDE
(The European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS): sectorial, territorial and equity implications. Presentation of the LIFE SIDE Project), Simone Borghesi, Director, FSR Climate