Residential training course on the EU ETS

The LIFE SIDE Residential Training Course on the EU ETS took place in Florence, on 7-8 March 2018. The course gathered 21 participants, mostly policy makers from the European Commission, Environment agencies and ministries. The course included eight lectures. Four of them focused on the topic areas covered in the LIFE SIDE report “A literature-based assessment of the EU ETS”, which is a central deliverable of the project. The four areas are: Free allowance allocation, competitiveness effects and carbon leakage, Interactions with other policies, Low-carbon innovation and investment and The international dimension. Four more lectures complemented the course, providing a thorough presentation of the EU climate policy and of the EU ETS post-2020, and dealing with the key topics of ’The role of bank and other financial actors’’ and of ‘’Price drivers, market power and behavior’’. Each lecture  included a Q&A session to enable participants to actively engage with the instructors and assimilate the content of the course in an effective way.

An on-line training course on the topic of the EU ETS will be organised by the LIFE SIDE project in June 2018. Relevant information will be published from this web site.