Training materials

From this page you can access all materials from the residential and on-line training courses organised in the course of the LIFE SIDE project.

Online Training course on the EU ETS (11 June-13 July 2018)

Video Lectures

Residential training course on the EU ETS (7-8 March 2018)


EU climate policy and the EU ETS, Simone Borghesi, FSR Climate,EUI

The EU ETS post-2020, Stefanie Hiesinger, DG Climate Action, European Commission

Free allowance allocation, competitiveness effects and carbon leakage, Stefano Verde, FSR Climate, EUI

Trading behavior in the EU ETS. Regina Betz, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Interactions with other climate policies, Isabella Alloisio, FSR Climate, EUI

Low-carbon innovation and investment, Francesco Nicolli, FSR Climate, EUI

The international dimension, Tong Zhu, FSR Climate, EUI

Price drivers, market power and behaviour, Beat Hintermann, University of Basel